Swimming Pool Repairs & Problems

Learning the basics of swimming pool repairs


Feel free to use our troubleshooting list below to assist you on the most common pool problems which may occur



Problem 1

When the pump is turned on it sounds like a humming noise and no water is pulling through

Cause: A pool pump runs on a shaft with 2 bearings, the shaft rotates on the bearing which spins the propella, now sometimes its a factory fault issue on new pumps but if your pool pump is old then its usually corrosion which has built up around the shaft usually humidity, salt or lack of using the pump. Now what happens is  due to the corrosion been quite thick it prevents the shaft from spinning so one of 2 things happen, it either runs a bearing which breaks the teeth of the shaft or it simply burns out. If your pump has just started this please leave it off and call us to come repair it.


Problem 2

Swimming pool is losing water, pressure loss and bubbles coming out of the return jet

Cause: Usually a hole on your main suction line, return line, solar system or pump


Problem 3

Your pool has good pressure but when the kreepy is plugged in the pressure reduces by almost 70% and the kreepy does not do anything

Cause: This is a very common issue with pools and it is caused from a hole on the weir


Problem 4

Everything works perfect on your pool but it is losing water daily

Cause: If there is no loss of pressure then this is usually a hole in your pools lining or a pipe. The easiest way to determine which one of the 2 it is, is by simply taking a piece of tape and marking the water line. Then do not run the pump for a day if there is no reduction in water it eliminates it been on the pools lining. If it drops with the pump on then its on the pools pipe, always look for visible wet spots in and around the area of the pool.

Problem 5

Multiport is hard to turn and water is draining out from your backwash pipe while pool is on filter

Cause: This is due to the mpv seal other wise know as wagon wheel been worn down or put in incorrectly

See our example below of what your seal should look like as in picture 1 and what it should not look like as in picture 2


Problem 6

Sand coming out of your backwash pipe or into your pool

Cause: This is usually caused by having to much sand in your sand filter.


Problem 7

Your pool auto cleaner is getting stuck in the same place or only does 1 pattern

Cause: Usually the clients we see are using way to many hose weights on the auto cleaners, now by putting to many on your system to prevent it from coming out of the water it makes the kreepy unbalanced and uneven on the pools floor, so when it goes into the deeper end or comes out from the deeper in into the shallow end of the pool it may not have enough power to pull up the slope. One should only really use 2 hose weights and if it is only following 1 pattern try putting 1 hose weight in the middle of the hose line.


Problem 8

Is it normal that your pool feels extremely rough on your feet?

Cause: Old age, It is indeed 100% normal that all marbelite pools usually in the region of 8 years + will start feeling rough on your feet


Problem 9

Black hairy like stains on your pool which take forever to get off but grow back literally over night

 Cause: Black algae infestation usually triggered by warm water or salt in the water which can be in your clothes when you were last at the ocean 


Problem 10


Have you ever switched your pool pump on and it primes instantly the way it should, but after a few minutes the water becomes less in the lid and the pressure is reduced on the return line as well as the suction line?


Cause: Usually this is caused from the pool pump suction side. It does happen often on the cheaper brand pumps or pumps in the region of 8 years + old.


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