Swimming Pool Knowledge For Beginners

A little knowledge about swimming pools

The basic plumbing structure of a swimming pool

So as complicated as you may think this is, it really straight forward. A swimming pool plumbing system consists of the following:

  • A suction lineĀ which goes from the weir of the pool to the pool pump
  • A return line which comes from the multiport through the sand filter and back into the pool
  • A waste / backwash lineĀ which goes from the multiport into the storm drain or garden.


What stains occur in pools?

Have you ever looked at a pool and seen different types of blemishes, green or black furry marks or orange and yellow spots? We list below the most common marks to help you identify the issue.


1st off the most common stain in marbelite swimming pools – The iron stain which is usually caused by having to much iron in your pools water and is usually triggered by the iron content in the soil which the pools foundation is built on.


Next up we have a common one found more often in fiberglass pools but can also be found in marbelite pools as well, The white cloudy stain on mosaics. This is a stain which occurs in the long term. Pool chemicals which either have not been dissolved, circulated or over used will cause this.




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