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Pool Cleaning at its finest – Illovo and Kensington new clients



A little further from home here but we make an appearance in Alberton to give this family a one of a kind custom paint job and some absolutely stunning wall art, this family will be the 1st in SA to get a water effect paint job done compliments to North Side Pool Service. We will also be closing off the shallow end , sealing the pool with 2 coats resin, tiling it with 320 x 300 tiles, installing a new return line and adding 2 custom stainless steel stairs giving it the perfect look for any family who enjoys time in the sun by the swimming pool.



Solar blanket geo bubble installation in Killarney


Off the books here, we just like to show off some of our talent when it comes to tiling and making custom enclosure lids


We rock it with our pool cleaning results in Sandringham



We heat things up in the gorgeous suburb of Houghton with some pool cleaning action 



Now this is officially the smallest pool we have ever taken on, but regardless of the size we put all efforts in and we going to make these residents of Fairmount extremely happy and just in time for the Jewish holidays too !



Something a little different, here we show our talent on some floor tiling


This pool was a booking which randomly came through on our website.  The previous pool company left 2 cracks open and forgot the  most important finish to the pool ” The Mosaics

We  have taken care of both and now looking forward to filing this pool new coping and paving .



A walk in the park in Rivonia, with a pool clean and solar repair



August madness – Its always such an honor to do a fiberglass relining project for someone who appreciates good work and talent.

We have taken on this swimming pool  below which is situated in Croydon and well we are about to show everyone what quality workmanship is. 

Now this swimming pool had extremely bad work previously completed on it, we do not name and shame businesses and we do not wish to know who done the work on it but all I can say is “A little knowledge never harmed anyone”  When lining a shell of a pool you must wait for the concrete to dry first or it will cause clodding in the curing process and in time earth shiftment will start opening cracks which will cause the swimming pool to leak. Also when lining a pool never ever use anything less then a 450g matt, using a 350g or 100g is honestly cutting corners and filling your own pocket. 

So day 1 and we are off to a beautiful start, we running on schedule and this pool is looking healthy after we patched those cracks, stripped the shell and sealed those leaks

Day 4 and I know what you thinking , but unfortunately we were a bit delayed with some of the patches due to the sudden drop in temperature wow I don’t know where that cold front came from but we can only make the most of it. The results are starting to show and an absolutely stunning second coat of white applied.We are now anxious to finish this pool and bring you the final product pictures 



Step aside and let the masters take care of your pool! 

Edenvale swimming pool once off cleaning 




Our 1st client in Buccleuch and a challenge we love to take on


This luxury pool in Sandton has had a very unfortunate accident happen to it, when the building next doors sewage line blocked up and overflowed into it.

Now normally we would drain it but it is really not bad nor harmful so we giving it a shot to see what magic we can come up with. Sorry about the final result picture as it was scanned into us.


August madness!

Another big pool clean and safety net installation



A nice start to August 2019 with a project close to home in Norwood

This pool project consists of the following:

Patch the marbelite pool on the weir, return jet and base of the pools lining

Fit a new pool pump

Lay new suction and return lines

Install a blue LED pool light

New mosaic tiles

Fit a pool safety net with float system 

Paint pool with Cemcretes pool coat white



Never a dull moment with us, as we take on a cleaning challenge which seems almost impossible right?

From palm tree branches, nests, berries and leaves we are on a hectic deadline with this neglected pool in Kew Johannesburg. This pool has never been touched in about 4 years and we have been asked to make miracles in 2 days for a ceremony.

Day 1 has passed and we start seeing some amazing results, lets see on day 2 if we can make this pool sparkle.

Well day 2 and as you can see we lived up to our name and this one is one for the books, althou not quite the finish we wanted but considering what it looked like and what it is now is a huge difference.



We take on yet another cracked pool in Linksfield, and this one is pretty severe and alot of work needs to be done here. We are sealing and patching the cracks causing the leak in the pool as well as touching up the paint work and customizing the fixed stainless steel climb in ladder to make it a more convenient option of been portable and out the way.


Lovely quick and easy fix on this pools return line, as you can see the leak just behind the return outlet.


A hidden gem in Killarney with a fully electrical pull back pool cover



Cool rock feature we put together as a garden decoration 



We go Pool light crazy and light up the town with our LED strips



Coming Up – We demonstrate the do’s and don’ts of fiberglass patch repairs.

So first things first, if you have a leaking swimming pool which is losing water by the day, its usually caused from a hole on a pipe but if the water level continues to drop even when the pool pump is turned off then you know it is on the actual pool. Now below is a swimming pool which had been patched about a year ago by someone, pratley putty the most common fix for just about everything but in a case where one is just applying it to the surface of fiberglass, it may slow the leak down a bit but it will not fix the actual problem. You can see where we removed the fiberglass layer what is actually underneath, about a half cm crack starting just under the coping line and runs down around 80cm.

What happens if you don’t fix this? well its simple the crack will continue until it basically splits the pool in half.

We caught this one a bit late but it has been patched and we are allowing the dry time before applying the new 450g fiberglass patch.



Pool Service – Sandringham 



Pool Clearing – Norwood 

Now this is a prime example of winter blues! A construction site which unfortunately most of the rubble and dirt ended up in the pool. We got called and on day 2 we start seeing some light


Lombardy West pool clearing challenge 


Mid June 2019 contract

A contract we have been waiting for and finally we are please to say that we will be going to Eagle Canyon Golf Estate in Roodepoort. The most stunning place Iv ever seen and we have been given the opportunity to take this marbelite pool and turn it into something remarkable. This L-shaped pool is getting relined with a 450g fiberglass matt, splashed with some sky blue gel coat and given a final touch of ocean fizz vinyl mosaic tiles


June 2019 contract

We travel to Glen Marais to reline this 18 year old fiberglass pool and we adding some color and love to it. We will be doing a complete new fiberglass 450g lining and gel coating it in the famous sky blue to add some color to it. Next we will be fitting a new aquacure weir and earthco 0.75kw pool pump to the system. We then finishing it off with a stylish vinyl mosaic tiles.


A new pool cleaning customer in Orange grove.

We are about to make his day when we get the actual results on day 2



We take on a fiberglass revamping project in Highlands North May 20th – May 24th

This pool was originally marbelite and was redone about 15 years ago. The time has come for North side pool services to give this pool some new modern love.

Now what started off looking like a simple revamp project blew up in our faces when the existing gel coat came off! Take a look at some of these cracks and holes which we discovered in the pools core.

We have sealed and waterproofed each of them and happy to say that we back on schedule ready to prove that our results outshine the rest!

Then we forgot to mention but the winner in our May 2019 pool revamp project goes out to MR & MRS Bailey for the most coolest and youngest couple iv ever met. It was an honor working on your pool and we wish you many happy years with it.



We travel to the far west to do some much needed pool equipment upgrades, crack repair and leak detection.

The after results were just to stunning to not put them up on our site.

Kensington – Pool revamp

A really great finish to a Kensington residents swimming pool. Marbelite to Fiberglass conversion decorated with Telkom Mosaic tiles and finished off with a white Gel Coat.

A proud moment for us in Mr Haynes absence, we strive for perfection and hold the name of Enchanting Blu Pool Services high up for you.



Custom rock feature pond – Wendywood


Algae elimination and clean up in Norwood



Woodmead – Pool cleaning 


Lovely to see some great results in Lombardy East with yet another successful once off pool clean


Quick and easy in ground fiberglass lining repair in Parkmore


Construction and swimming pool revamping project Bramley North for South Africa’s       

  • MasterChef SA Top 3 finalist,
  • TV presenter on Wild About Rice
  • Cookbook author of Made by Manisha & Me!

Here is a breakdown of what we have done on this pool project:

  1. Removal of the upper concrete structure to level the pool 
  2. Level the area around the pool so new modern pool paving and coping can be installed
  3. Marbelite to fiberglass conversion using a 450g crop strand matt
  4. The pool will then be painted in a sky blue gel coat
  5. For the tile decoration we will be tiling some unique glass mosaic tiles giving it that perfect sleek finish
  6. We light this baby up with 2 retro blue LED pool lights giving it a classy yet modern look
  7. All new suction and water lines installed
  8. Quality weir installation as well as a new DB box with pool timer, new wiring and 3 bag sand filter
  9. We will then be installing a IC60 intellichlor salt chlorinator, calcium flakes, HTH and dropping the required salt to give it that ultimate hygienic conversion
  10. Lastly we close off the pool pump and filter section off with a fiberglass cladding enclosure compliments of  The pool team

I really need to thank my team members for coming together on this project, I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people than you and even thou this project has been drawn out till the bitter end we look forward to presenting the pictures of the pool been filled on Friday 22 March 2019.

We may be a young company but I have no doubt in saying that when you are passionate about what you do, your results will always outshine your competition. We grew not as a company but as a team and as the business owner I am proud to say that we do not need to slander our competition with pointing out unrealistic faults which may only exist in never never land ! We move forward as a team and start another successful contract because we lead by example not by opinions.

A truly beautiful finish to this pool officially completed on the 26 March 2019


Pool cleaning operation in Orange Grove


Pool decking restoration project in River club, Sandton

If perfection had another name it would be called this deck for sure!



We prove that we still got the touch to clean pools in Melrose arch


Something a little different for those of you who love lighting up your pool. Below one of our pools lit up with a Retro white 1600 lumen LED pool light and a blue LED return jet light.



New Brighton – Overnight green to blue fix


Edenvale – Fiberglass pool crack repair



Blue valley golf estate residents installation of Garden irrigation 30 sprayer installation and a beautiful concrete structure water feature revamp.


Morningside – Marbelite to Fiberglass full revamp

This unique pool is going to have a full revamp done which includes the following:

  • New 2600 lumen Blue LED pool light installation which will be shifted from its current position and moved to the shallow end of the pool.
  • New all round glass mosaic tiles
  • Marbelite to fiberglass conversion and coated with a midnight blue color. The color was changed from sky blue to midnight blue on a last minute decision. Never the less we were happy to assist in creating the perfect shade of blue.
  • New 3 bag sand filter and water lines



Some swimming Pools are just to stunning to be kept a secret. We reveal the most gorgeous pool in Atholl


Over the December period 2018 with Pool Repairs, Pump installations and Cleans 


Nothing says it better than the stylish Retro 500 Blue LED Pool Light. Constantia kloof resident absolutely thrilled with his purchase.


We make this pool come alive with a Rock feature waterfall




Bedfordview – Pool Cleaning like a boss!




Pool cleaning and Solar blanket installation Sandton



When the odds are against you, we say “impossible is nothing!”



Highlands north and Houghton pool cleaning services



My boys Amadu and Clifford hard at work with a Bruma residents pool Repair



To all Pool Owners

Please let me tell you something about Swimming Pools.

A Pool requires attention, maintenance and cleaning.You cannot leave your Swimming Pool for months on end and then one day wake up and decide to call a pool company and expect this over night miracle to happen because honestly it is not going to happen and no you do not get a refund!Things like the below take a bit of time.Now If you feel this is too much work for you please bury your pool or make a skate park out of it!



Edenvale, Norwood and Pebble Creek stunning pools we were fortunate to repair and service