Results that speak louder than words

We are proud to present to you our gallery of nothing but 100% real results



A pool cleaning project which took a little longer to turn blue, but finally the results came back satisfactory!


Our latest pool revamp project in Highlands North.

This pool is currently in very good shape, however the home owner wants a more modern look with less maintenance. We have decided to do a fiberglass lining, painted with a white topcoat and finished off with splash mosaic and blue retro led pool light. Stay tuned for more results 


Above and beyond with our team doing some much needed solar repairs



Pool Cleaning at its finest – Illovo and Kensington new clients



A little further from home here but we make an appearance in Alberton to give this family a one of a kind custom paint job and some absolutely stunning wall art, this family will be the 1st in SA to get a water effect paint job done compliments to North Side Pool Service. We will also be closing off the shallow end , sealing the pool with 2 coats resin, tiling it with 320 x 300 tiles, installing a new return line and adding 2 custom stainless steel stairs giving it the perfect look for any family who enjoys time in the sun by the swimming pool.



Solar blanket geo bubble installation in Killarney


Off the books here, we just like to show off some of our talent when it comes to tiling and making custom enclosure lids


We rock it with our pool cleaning results in Sandringham



We heat things up in the gorgeous suburb of Houghton with some pool cleaning action 



Now this is officially the smallest pool we have ever taken on, but regardless of the size we put all efforts in and we going to make these residents of Fairmount extremely happy and just in time for the Jewish holidays too !



Something a little different, here we show our talent on some floor tiling


This pool was a booking which randomly came through on our website.  The previous pool company left 2 cracks open and forgot the  most important finish to the pool ” The Mosaics

We  have taken care of both and now looking forward to filing this pool new coping and paving .



A walk in the park in Rivonia, with a pool clean and solar repair



August madness – Its always such an honor to do a fiberglass relining project for someone who appreciates good work and talent.

We have taken on this swimming pool  below which is situated in Croydon and well we are about to show everyone what quality workmanship is. 

Now this swimming pool had extremely bad work previously completed on it, we do not name and shame businesses and we do not wish to know who done the work on it but all I can say is “A little knowledge never harmed anyone”  When lining a shell of a pool you must wait for the concrete to dry first or it will cause clodding in the curing process and in time earth shiftment will start opening cracks which will cause the swimming pool to leak. Also when lining a pool never ever use anything less then a 450g matt, using a 350g or 100g is honestly cutting corners and filling your own pocket. 

So day 1 and we are off to a beautiful start, we running on schedule and this pool is looking healthy after we patched those cracks, stripped the shell and sealed those leaks

Day 4 and I know what you thinking , but unfortunately we were a bit delayed with some of the patches due to the sudden drop in temperature wow I don’t know where that cold front came from but we can only make the most of it. The results are starting to show and an absolutely stunning second coat of white applied.We are now anxious to finish this pool and bring you the final product pictures