Results that speak louder than words

We are proud to present to you our gallery of nothing but 100% real results


Custom rock feature pond – Wendywood


Algae elimination and clean up in Norwood



Woodmead – Pool cleaning 


Enchanting Blu Pool Services absolutely loving the summer sun and taking full advantage of it! We take on yet another Pool revamping project.

This amazing old school marbelite pool is getting a facelift!

From a double layer of fiberglass 350g lining, a custom pool paint job done in a custom color which we call Enchanting blue.

A single blue LED pool light, 1 return jet blue LED light, new modern pool mosaic tiles and to finish it off we adding a lovely large sized double dolphin mosaic design in the center of the pools floor lining.

This project was delayed for quite some time but we are happy to say that it has finally been completed.


Lovely to see some great results in Lombardy East with yet another successful once off pool clean


Quick and easy in ground fiberglass lining repair in Parkmore


Construction and swimming pool revamping project Bramley North for South Africa’s       

  • MasterChef SA Top 3 finalist,
  • TV presenter on Wild About Rice
  • Cookbook author of Made by Manisha & Me!

Here is a breakdown of what we have done on this pool project:

  1. Removal of the upper concrete structure to level the pool 
  2. Level the area around the pool so new modern pool paving and coping can be installed
  3. Marbelite to fiberglass conversion using a 450g crop strand matt
  4. The pool will then be painted in a sky blue gel coat
  5. For the tile decoration we will be tiling some unique glass mosaic tiles giving it that perfect sleek finish
  6. We light this baby up with 2 retro blue LED pool lights giving it a classy yet modern look
  7. All new suction and water lines installed
  8. Quality weir installation as well as a new DB box with pool timer, new wiring and 3 bag sand filter
  9. We will then be installing a IC60 intellichlor salt chlorinator, calcium flakes, HTH and dropping the required salt to give it that ultimate hygienic conversion
  10. Lastly we close off the pool pump and filter section off with a fiberglass cladding enclosure compliments of  The pool team

I really need to thank my team members for coming together on this project, I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people than you and even thou this project has been drawn out till the bitter end we look forward to presenting the pictures of the pool been filled on Friday 22 March 2019.

We may be a young company but I have no doubt in saying that when you are passionate about what you do, your results will always outshine your competition. We grew not as a company but as a team and as the business owner I am proud to say that we do not need to slander our competition with pointing out unrealistic faults which may only exist in never never land ! We move forward as a team and start another successful contract because we lead by example not by opinions.

A truly beautiful finish to this pool officially completed on the 26 March 2019


Pool cleaning operation in Orange Grove


Pool decking restoration project in River club, Sandton

If perfection had another name it would be called this deck for sure!



We prove that we still got the touch to clean pools in Melrose arch


Something a little different for those of you who love lighting up your pool. Below one of our pools lit up with a Retro white 1600 lumen LED pool light and a blue LED return jet light.



New Brighton – Overnight green to blue fix


Edenvale – Fiberglass pool crack repair



Blue valley golf estate residents installation of Garden irrigation 30 sprayer installation and a beautiful concrete structure water feature revamp.


Morningside – Marbelite to Fiberglass full revamp

This unique pool is going to have a full revamp done which includes the following:

  • New 2600 lumen Blue LED pool light installation which will be shifted from its current position and moved to the shallow end of the pool.
  • New all round glass mosaic tiles
  • Marbelite to fiberglass conversion and coated with a midnight blue color. The color was changed from sky blue to midnight blue on a last minute decision. Never the less we were happy to assist in creating the perfect shade of blue.
  • New 3 bag sand filter and water lines



Some swimming Pools are just to stunning to be kept a secret. We reveal the most gorgeous pool in Atholl


Over the December period 2018 with Pool Repairs, Pump installations and Cleans 


Nothing says it better than the stylish Retro 500 Blue LED Pool Light. Constantia kloof resident absolutely thrilled with his purchase.


We make this pool come alive with a Rock feature waterfall


Bedfordview – Pool Cleaning like a boss!


Pool cleaning and Solar blanket installation Sandton


When the odds are against you, we say “impossible is nothing!”


Highlands north and Houghton pool cleaning services

My boys Amadu and Clifford hard at work with a Bruma residents pool Repair


To all Pool Owners

Please let me tell you something about Swimming Pools.

A Pool requires attention, maintenance and cleaning.You cannot leave your Swimming Pool for months on end and then one day wake up and decide to call a pool company and expect this over night miracle to happen because honestly it is not going to happen and no you do not get a refund!Things like the below take a bit of time.Now If you feel this is too much work for you please bury your pool or make a skate park out of it!


Edenvale, Norwood and Pebble Creek stunning pools we were fortunate to repair and service


Once off pool clean…..Just another day at the office


Wendywood Pool Cleaning 


Norwood once off Pool Clean

fiberglass swimming pool repair and restore project

This pool had been empty for quite some time and we will be doing a 2 layer 350 g fiberglass coat on the entire pool, applying new mosaic tiles, replacing the weir and pipes , Paving with natural stone slabs, installing 2 new return jets , lighting it up with 2 retro blue pool LED lights and finishing it off with a touch of sky blue topcoat. 

Seems simple right? But there is a saying “Never judge a book by its cover” This pool started revealing serious lack of concrete in the pools structure, 30cm cracks, water blisters and hollow spots.Now usually most pool companies would take a short cut here by adding cheap sealers and filling agents which may look great but in time will start to crack and leak.We on the other hand prefer taking a little longer by doing the job properly and give our clients peace of mind with only the highest quality workmanship in town, needless to say everything has been fixed and the pool is looking amazing.

A very big thanks to Amadu & Clifford for there amazing work here you guys are legend!


Mosaic Vinyl pool tiles – We add some real class and color to this pool with our Caribbean design mosaic tiles

We travel to North Riding to show what them what Pool Cleaning is all about

Orange Grove contract – full revamp
Now this Marbelite pool is old and in need of a seriously new look.The idea here is to remove the marbelite coat, give it a silky smooth touch and feel with our light blue epoxy and then do a little construction work to the foundation, Seal up those ugly wings and build a custom full width step for his son aged 4.
Watch and learn pool lovers this one will take your breath away.