Pool Stains & Marks

Has your pools lining got stains or marks on it?

Know the difference



Many people we see on a daily basis are going out to pool stores and buying metal wire brushes to remove what they think is a stain in there pool, but after days of scrubbing the so called stain has gotten bigger and in actual fact it turns out to be the last layers of marbelite they just scrubbed off.

We are here to give you some valuable tips of what to look out for before rushing to the pool store for a brush.




  1. So 1st on the list is the rust stain, this stain is usually caused from nails or wingnuts which may have fallen out from your pool net pole. The solution to remove the stain could take a few brush downs but by using a metal and stain remover from anyone pool store and a soft brush you will obtain the results you looking for.
  2. The second stain is very similar to the rust stain accept usually bigger and scattered through out the pool, this is know as a iron stain. It is caused by having to much iron in the soil which your pool is built on. The solution is the same as the rust stains removal above.
  3. Third we have the most common vinyl pool stain which is usually found on the mosaics causing a white line or cloudy effect. This caused from chemicals such as chlorine over periods of time. The prevention is to brush and clean your mosaic tiles once or twice a week. The solution which may or may not work depending on the duration it has been left for , but mosaic cleaner 1 liter and a soft bristle brush.
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