Pool Auto Cleaners

Be wise when buying a pool auto cleaner


Are you on the market for a new pool cleaner?

We list our the top pool auto cleaners to help you purchase the correct one and not break the bank

  1. Our number one choice is the most simplest yet most sufficient pool cleaner money can buy. The Gemini Twinsweep is a very plain looking cleaner but don’t let its looks fool you, this pool cleaner has tremendous amounts of suction power.


Easy to install and maintain.

• Excellent value for money.

• A unique swinging float arm for more cleaning patterns.

• Gemini requires less suction, whilst ensuring optimum performance and reducing wear and tear on your pump.

• Patented one piece body design for strength and stability.

• Suitable for most plastered and fibreglass type pools.

• 24 month ex-factory warranty from date of purchase.



2. Second on our list has to be the Kreepy Pro, Again an oldish unit but awesome suction power, very seldom gets stuck and it looks good too.

Please feel free to download the full brochure here https://www.kreepykrauly.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Kreepy_Krauly_Pro.pdf



3.Third we have the Dominator which is the newer style pool cleaner very similar the the MX-6 and MX-8.

This one how ever is a much better buy as its quick on cleaning, has an awesome wheel system and the parts are relatively cheap should something happen.

Please feel free to download the brochure here https://www.kreepykrauly.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Kreepy_Krauly_Dominator-Lite.pdf


Purchasing the correct pool auto cleaner


When buying a pool auto cleaner there are a few factors to take into consideration as many sales consultants in these pool shops do not ask you these questions as they are often more after the sale then advising you, saving you the hassle of  buying something which will not work for you.

The biggest factor here is to look at the surrounding area of your swimming pool and see what trees and plants are within 7 – 10 meters of the pool. Once this is established you will find answering the question very simple.

  1. Any tree or plant which drops maple leaves, acorns, goose berry, pine cones and anything similar do not purchase a auto cleaner which is track driven, gear driven or has a diaphragm.
  2. Pools with thick grass and smaller leaves around them, one should invest in a leaf skimmer to catch the majority of the leaves and items landing on the water first as well as invest in a auto cleaner which runs on a single barrel, double barrel or hammer action such as the kreepy pro’s, gemini twinsweep etc..
  3. Short grass no trees well basically just about any pool cleaner will work and we suggest the mx series or dominator series



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