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We do ask you to read the below terms & conditions before booking with us

  • All Pool Cleaning services must be paid upfront for the month or 1 day prior to your once off
  • A 50% deposit is required on all parts this is not negotiable
  • A 70% deposit is required on all new building, resurfacing or revamping this is not negotiable
  • All balances are due the same day the job is completed not negotiable
  • We do not refund money should your pool not go blue. We do however commit to our promise that if there is nothing wrong with your pool, equipment or sand then we will not leave till your pool is blue
  • If we request a photo of your pool to determine the state of it for quoting purposes, please send us the most current picture not the one when you first moved into your home and it was blue, as we reserve the right to cancel or change the price should it not be what was sent to us

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Contact number 0712598583




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